WER 2016 world champion kicked off in Shanghai
2016-11-21 21:05:34

WER世锦赛申城开赛 全球5000余名青少年同场比拼机器人


  Shanghai, November 21- WER (World Educational Robot) 2016 world championship kicked off last weekends.


  More than 5,000 educational robot masters from over 30 countries and regions gathered in Shanghai to fiercely compete with each other.

  WER由世界教育机器人学会(Federation of World Educational Robot)发起并主办,是一项针对6-18岁青少年的国际性机器人比赛。

  Initiated and organized by Federation of World Educational Robot, WER is an international robot contest for teenagers aged around 6~18.


  Foreign teams are coming from the US, Canada, Mexico, India and other countries and regions, involving a total of 300 or so foreign teenagers’ participation. The minimum age of players is only 10 years old.


  As one of the world’s biggest teenager robot competition, WER’s global total prize per year surpasses $200,000. Winners’ excellent performance will even become important basis for admission to famous universities.

  WER主席Jake Mendelssohn强调WER最大的价值还是教育价值,WER旨在在快乐中培养青少年的科技素养及团队协作精神,训练青少年的成功能力(分析能力、创新能力、实践能力),为世界培养和选拔技术天才。

  WER’s president Jake Mendelssohn noted that the contest’s biggest value is education value, which is aim at cultivating teenager’s science and technology literacy, team cooperation spirit and success ability, training and selecting the world’s technical geniuses.